What's new in Node.js 15

What's new in Node.js 15 Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash

Odd numbered releases

Major Node.js versions enter Current release status for six months, which gives library authors time to add support for them.

On October 20th, 2020 Node.js 15.0 was releaesed as the Current release. The features introduced in this version will eventually be a part of the next Node.js 16 LTS release line.

New Features

npm 7

Throw On Unhandled Rejections




V8 8.6

Node.js 15 includes version 8.6 of the V8 JavaScript engine, which is an update from version 8.4 used by Node.js 14. The following languages features were introduced in version 8.5 of the V8 engine.




Logical assignment operators &&=, ||=, and ??=