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Principal Engineer | Engineering Leader | Conference Speaker

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Backed by over two decades of extensive expertise in software development, I am a seasoned Principal Software Engineer and Conference Speaker.

With a distinguished track record of leadership spanning a decade, I specialize in steering engineering teams toward excellence. My driving force stems from a passionate commitment to developing talent, fostering team cohesion, and pioneering technological advancements.
Phoenix Labs
Principal Software Engineer (August 2022 - May 2024)
I led the backend services architecture for an unannounced original IP PC/Console game and integrated these services into the Unreal Engine game code. I analyzed performance and scalability for production readiness and incorporated comprehensive observability for diagnostics. Additionally, I selected and implemented the core backend database to meet the project's technical and performance requirements.
Kabam Games Inc.
Senior Software Engineer II (September 2018 - July 2022)
Under my leadership, the Central Tech Engineering team transformed into a high-performing, respected group. I guided the team in developing a one-year technical roadmap, authored and presented technical architecture advancements, and showcased our team's business impact at company QBRs. I also took the initiative to speak at and attend conferences, inspiring our team's technical direction.
On the engineering front, I led the architecture of mobile game services and backend APIs in Node.js, integrating features with MongoDB and Redis. I enhanced legacy systems by transitioning to Pub/Sub, improved service quality through metrics and alerting, and identified inefficiencies via network traffic analysis. I introduced Docker-based local environments, enforced coding standards, and converted logging frameworks to structured logging. I improved developer cycle times by isolating services and codebases, extracted monolithic codebases into NPM packages, and implemented a Canary In the Gold Mine test framework. Additionally, I facilitated the move to Kubernetes and Continuous Deployment and introduced load-testing tools for production readiness.
Radware Canada
Lead Software Engineer (February 2013 - August 2018)
After Radware acquired Strangeloop, I integrated our Front-End Optimization (FEO) technology, now branded as FastView, into Radware's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products. I released SAML-based security and SSO features for Radware's Web Application Firewall and architected Node.js backend APIs and React front-ends for security appliances. I also worked on acceleration features, including mobile performance and the HTTP/2 protocol.
Leading a cross-functional team of Senior Engineers, Quality Assurance, and IT/Operations, I collaborated directly with Directors, Project Managers, and Team Leads to develop top-tier products. I ran scrum-related meetings, sprint planning sessions, and iteration demos, ensuring high-quality software delivery on time and budget using agile methodologies. I conducted code reviews, implemented a unit test framework for APIs, established CI/CD systems, and managed and mentored team members.
Strangeloop Networks
Senior Software Developer (November 2007 - February 2013)
I was part of the core C# team at Strangeloop Networks, which developed the industry-leading automated Front End Optimization (FEO) solution, the Strangeloop Site Optimizer web acceleration appliance. I researched and developed FEO treatments to automatically and safely accelerate web performance. Additionally, I led the launch of a pioneering Mobile FEO product and patented mobile acceleration techniques. My responsibilities also included developing code in C, C++, and C# for the network appliance.
Senior Software Developer (December 2005 - November 2007)
At Intrawest, I contributed significantly to designing, developing, and maintaining both internal and customer-facing applications. I was part of the team that designed and implemented their Web 2.0 online booking system using C# and ASP.NET. Additionally, I mentored junior team members and collaborated closely with business analysts and project stakeholders throughout various phases of software development.
Software Developer (June 2000 - October 2004)
Initially hired to expand and maintain Tarasoft Titan in new MLS markets, I adapted the C++ application for various MLS systems across North America while developing web-based systems for credit card subscriptions and customer databases. As the company entered the MLS market with Tarasoft Matrix, I played a pivotal role in its inception, architecture, and development. Leading the architecture and development efforts, I interviewed new team members and ensured successful product releases to critical live systems. Tarasoft Matrix is now widely adopted by major MLS organizations across North America, including MRIS in Washington, DC, serving over 50,000 daily users and deployed in multiple large markets.
Complect is a toy compiler developed in Node.js. It operates as a stream-based compiler, processing code as a continuous stream of data.
A model plugin for the Sequelize ORM that automatically creates and updates unique slugs for your models.
Homma Elementary - SD38 - Parent Advisory Council

Chairperson (2023 - Present)

The Homma Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group that fosters school and community spirit and promotes cooperation, communication and team effort to establish a fun and healthy environment for all connected with Homma Elementary School.
Child Care Development Advisory Committee

Chairperson (2021 - 2022)

Vice Chairperson (2019 - 2020)

Committee Member (2017 - 2018)

As City Council directs and as resources are provided, the Child Care Development Advisory Committee (CCDAC) provides City Council with advice (e.g., information, options, analysis, recommendations), regarding the planning, development, support and promotion of a range of quality, affordable and accessible child care in the City of Richmond.
Member of the Grants Subcommittee, responsible for grant proposal review and recommendations to the City.
US 9292467 B2

Mobile Resource Accelerator

An advanced method of resource caching and tracking used for mobile web browser acceleration.
US 10616356 B2

Optimization of asynchronous pushing of web resources

A system and method for optimization of resource pushing using HTTP/2.
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