Jarrod Connolly
Staff Software Engineer
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Vancouver, BC Canada

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Staff Software Engineer, Lead Engineer and Architect with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of Software Development, Design and Architecture. Problem solver, team builder and mentor. Currently loving back-end engineering in the Mobile Game industry.
Kabam Games Inc.
Senior Software Engineer II (September 2018 - Present)
Radware Canada
Development Team Lead (January 2016 - August 2018)
Senior Software Developer (February 2013 - December 2015)
Strangeloop Networks
Senior Software Developer (November 2007 - February 2013)
Senior Software Developer (December 2005 - November 2007)
Software Developer (June 2000 - October 2004)
A model plugin for the Sequelize ORM that automatically creates and updates unique slugs for your models.
Child Care Development Advisory Committee

Chairperson (January 2021 - Present)

Vice Chairperson (January 2019 - December 2020)

Committee Member (January 2017 - December 2018)

The purpose of the Child Care Development Advisory Committee is to act as a resource and provide advice to City Council regarding the planning, development, support and promotion of a range of quality, affordable and accessible child care in Richmond.
US 9292467 B2

Mobile Resource Accelerator

An advanced method of resource caching and tracking used for mobile web browser acceleration.
US 10616356 B2

Optimization of asynchronous pushing of web resources

A system and method for optimization of resource pushing using HTTP/2.
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Writing a Compiler in Node.js using Streams OpenJS World 2022 2022-06-08 Video  -  Slides
Engineering Leadership Software Architecture Problem Solving Requirements Gathering Agile Processes Mentoring R&D Communication
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